Have you tried our delicious handmade chocolates?

Have you tried our delicious handmade chocolates?

Well, have you tried our delicious handmade chocolates? If you haven’t then read on to find out why people are saying really good things about our chocolates.

There aren’t many people who don’t enjoy chocolate and whether you’re looking for that perfect gift or a well-deserved treat for yourself, a box of handmade chocolates will always be very welcome, but once you see them you may not be able to give them away.

At Artisan Chocolates by Saffire we create delicious handmade chocolates, by hand and in small batches (we usually make only 2 or 3 dozen at a time). Each batch can take several days because we tend to leave them overnight for the chocolate to set naturally before we go on to the next step.

We believe that to produce outstanding chocolates we should only use the highest quality ingredients. To achieve this we use only high quality Belgian Couverture (chocolate) and natural ingredients, some of our chocolates even contain copious amount of alcohol that has blended into the truffle centre.  We source our ingredients locally, wherever possible, and because our chocolates are all made by hand, the care and attention to detail we put into every chocolate results in the luxurious taste you simply don’t get with mass-produced brands.  Don’t take out word for it, ask our regular customers.

Selection of unique flavoured chocolate truffles handmade at Saffire Artisan Chocolates
A display of individually handmade Artisan Chocolates by Saffire

Unique, Unusual and much-loved Flavours

Our boxes of chocolates contain some much-loved favourites such as Marc de Champagne, Soft Caramel and Hazelnut Praline. We produce several flavours that initially appear to be traditional  but we add a twist that demonstrates the quality and care we take with our ingredients, including: 10 year old Single Malt Whisky; Smirnoff Vodka and Orange; Garden Mint; and Strawberry (made with real fruit).  All our recipes have been developed by our own Artisan Chocolatiers and we take great pride in offering some unique and unusual chocolate centres, such as: Apple & Ginger; Southern Comfort with Chilli & Cinnamon; Captain Morgan White Rum with Banana; Orange Blossom Honey & Grapefruit.  

Trying new flavours is the ideal ways to find your new favourite so if you’re feeling adventurous, why not order one of our custom-filled boxes, and add some flavours you’ve never tried before? Or if you have a particular favourites, why not order a box filled with the ones you love?

Each chocolate has been individually and uniquely decorate

If the saying You Eat With Your Eyes is true then you may find the uniquely different appearance of our chocolates make them seem almost too good to eat, but feel free to nibble, and share, if you can. Rest assured, all our surface decorations are edible.

Nothing quite beats the pleasure of opening a box of handmade chocolates.

Ordering is easy

Nothing quite beats the pleasure of opening a box of delectable chocolates and there’s no better way to treat yourself or show someone that you care than a gift box of handmade chocolates. Ordering from us is easy and our delivery service means that your chocolates will be with you in no time at all. Our full range is available to order from our website so why not browse through our selection of chocolates and pick just the ones you want to fill your box. ? Click here to be taken directly to our web page

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