Chocolate Pizza Making!

Chocolate Pizza Making!

During 2018, our chocolate pizza making became very popular, to a point we had over 15 people making their very own creations at a single time, to the point we had to ask people if they could come back later.

We only do these during school holidays when we know children will become bored and want to do something, it is also a time when parents struggle to keep them entertained.

Our Chocolate Pizza Making is suitable for all ages, whether you have a child or not, you can still do this. Come as a group or by yourself, spend roughly 15 minutes with our chocolatier and staff while you create your own masterpiece. No need to worry about flattening our dough or waiting 15 minutes to cook. We will supply you the chocolate to make your base as thin or thick as you would like. You will also be given a range of different toppings (sweets).

Where is it based?

So glad you asked! We actually do this in our shop in Taverham Garden Centre. You will be behind the scenes. Where we pack and label everything, you will not be entering our workshop/kitchen as our chocolatier will bring the chocolate through to you.


The price is £5 per pizza! This includes the chocolate, the sweets, the plate and bag you take it all home in. Also includes you eating the left over chocolate which is in the bowl! BARGAIN

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