Our history

At Saffire Artisan Chocolates we appreciate the hard work that is required to promote and maintain the work of charities, with over 500 requests for donations, raffle prizes or sponsorship each year we are unable to meet every request. For that reason, each year we select at least one charity to actively support. Our chosen charity for 2019 is MIND For better Mental Health. If you would like to join us in helping this valued and hardworking charity then please click on the ‘donate’ button below to visit our money giving site.


Here is a little bit more information about Gary. Gary is a partner in this business, but many of you won’t know that he is actually Angela’s son. Family Business. Like many other people Gary have suffered with mental health in the past, but he pulls through every time. While mental health is a massive thing in the family with many members suffering depression and anxiety,

Gary took it upon himself to raise money to help raise awareness that mental health is something that happens to more people than you notice.

Depression has became a big thing in 2018, so this year, 2019, we are talking openly about this problem. Many people will not know if you have depression as you can easily hide behind a smile or a laugh. But they do not know what is going through your head. “Am I doing my best in life.” “If I disappeared who would care?!” These voices in our heads can mentally and emotionally destroy us, they are very hard to keep quiet.

If you know someone who looks or feels tired then do not jump to conclusion that they didn’t get enough sleep or that they were on their phones most of the night, when in actual fact they are fighting their demon voices while laying in bed, or even when they are asleep, demons can enter their sleep and cause them to have a nightmare, which over time can make them be scared of falling asleep. Most dreams feel realistic and that is the scariest part about sleeping.

Anxiety is another big problem that is being noticed more as time goes on. There are some symptoms which you may not know relate to anxiety. Cold, sweaty, numb or tingling in hands and feet. Heart palpitations. Not being able to stay calm or still. While there are many symptoms of anxiety, it can be difficult to calm yourself while having an anxiety attack. Remember to take deep breaths to clear your mind as it is playing tricks on you, everything will be okay! If you are having thoughts, question them. They are normally wrong as you are amazing! Do not think about the past or the future, focus on right now, what are you doing right now.