Dietary Advice & Information

Ingredient Information
All the chocolate we use will contain traces of soya lecithin. This has been added, by the producers, to keep the chocolate smooth.
Peanuts are stored and used within our production area so we cannot guarantee that our chocolate products are peanut free.
We are not a nut free environment. Although we are very careful not to mix nuts with other products we cannot guarantee that our products are nut free.
Whilst our dark chocolate, that we buy from our producers, does not contain any milk, we make our dark chocolate products in the same workshop as we are using milk chocolate.
We do not use gluten in any of our handmade chocolate products but we cannot guarantee that the nuts and dried fruit we use have not been dusted with products containing gluten.
Other Allergens
Dried Fruit containing sulphur dioxide and products including sesame and other allergens are all handled within our workshop . Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee all products are free from traces of these allergens.
Vegan Chocolate
We believe that our dark chocolate is “Vegan Friendly” , however, it is made in the same environment as milk chocolate, so we cannot guarantee that it is free from milk traces.
Vegetarian Chocolate
All of our chocolate is suitable for vegetarians except products containing marshmallows, for example our Rocky Road bar.
Colourings And Surface Lustres
These are all edible but some of the colourings we use may contain E-numbers that may have an adverse effect on activity & attention in children.

Should you have any questions regarding Dietary Advice or any ingredient that we use when making our Chocolates please do not hesitate to contact us.