Our Guarantee

Quality over quantity

Our handmade chocolates and truffles are made in small batches by our own artisan chocolatiers. We are true artisan chocolatiers, because we make with our hands with passion and our extensive knowledge.

We do not re-sell or ‘re-package’ anyone else’s Belgian Chocolates.

We do not use ‘bought in’ ready-made fillings of any description as all our Belgian Chocolates and chocolate truffles are made to our own unique chocolate recipes.

We individually hand fill, hand dip and hand decorate our chocolates and chocolate truffles.

The only use machinery we use is to melt our chocolate and to prepare ingredients, such as using a hand blender. We even temper our Belgian Chocolate by hand.

Our guarantee is Simple.

We offer our customers a full refund if they cannot tell the difference between our handmade truffles and those that are mass produced.