Artisan Chocolates By Saffire

We use only the finest quality chocolate throughout our exceptional handmade chocolate range

We believe that true artisans do not skimp with quality or flavour and so we source our chocolate, not only from Belgium, but from around the world. In this way we can provide you with a chocolate experience that is both delicious and often unique. The Belgian Chocolate we use for our truffles, chocolates, novelties and small bars is renowned for having a high cocoa butter content and no added fats or oils. It is the cocoa butter that makes the taste linger long after you have eaten our chocolate. So, here are the percentages of the Belgian Chocolate we use:

We also make a range of bars from single origin chocolate. Like a good wine, this chocolate is in limited supply and is therefore slightly more expensive, so look out for our Single Origin chocolate bars from places like Tanzania, Columbia and Madagascar.

We guarantee that if you cannot tell the difference between our handmade chocolates and massed produced chocolates, we will give you your money back! When we say we make Exceptional Handmade Chocolates – we really mean it.