Belgian Chocolate Buttons in a Tub

Just the right amount to eat yourself or perhaps share





Belgian Chocolate Buttons in a Tub

Due to popular demand you can now buy our amazing Belgian Chocolate Buttons in our handy sized 175g tub. if you want more then check out this link to our larger bags of buttons.

So, whether you are a cruncher or nibbler you will love these rich, creamy Belgian Chocolate buttons. But, if you really want to experience a multitude of chocolatey flavours, just put a button on your tongue and let it melt!

Belgian Chocolate Buttons in a Tub

These 175g tubs of Belgian Chocolate Buttons are the perfect size to keep in your bag, car, next to your bed or just to snack on. A perfect size t for one person, or if you are feeling generous, you could perhaps share one or two. Each button is individually laden with flavour to indulge your taste buds.  Perhaps your favourite will be our rich dark Belgian Chocolate which contains 60% Cocoa solids, don’t worry it isn’t as bitter as you think! Or perhaps you are a fan of our Milk Belgian Chocolate which has >36% cocoa solids – give it a go, you will probably love it. Or maybe your secret pleasure is our amazingly creamy white Belgian Chocolate which has 30% cocoa (Yes it still has it’s Cocoa Butter so it is classified as chocolate and does’t have any funny things added to artificially enhance the texture and flavour)

If you would like something bigger that is almost enough to share then imagine – a whole half kilo, that’s 500 grams of the rich Belgian chocolate buttons that we use in our workshop, laden with smooth chocolate and outstanding flavour.

Want more chocolate then check out our 500g bags


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