Box of 6 Luxury Handmade Chocolate



Box of 6 luxury handmade truffles

Are you in a hurry but not sure what to get someone but you know they love chocolate? Well what about our Box of 6 Truffles, they are extremely popular all year round, imagine the wow factor on the receiver face when they open up one of our luxury boxes. But you are not sure on the flavour?

This presentation Box of 6 Luxury Handmade Truffles and Chocolates makes a delightful gift for a good friend who deserves a treat or you can in fact keep it a secret and hide it at home to enjoy by yourself. But you could possibly share with those who say ‘Please! ‘.  All our luxury chocolate truffles are hand-made using the finest, natural ingredients.

How you ask? Firstly, we temper and paint the moulds in the selected colours, this must be left over night to dry, then you are making the shell, the filling, then capping them. This takes about 2 days just to add the chocolate and leave each part to set before continuing onto the next step.
Once the truffles are completely they are taken out of the mould and inspected for any imperfections they may have, air bubbles, paint stuck to the mould. Each mould is then cleaned and polished for the next use.

You can find out more about each individual flavour by clicking here.

Shelf life for all our truffles is limited to 60 day max.

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