Chocoholic’s VEGAN Dream Bar

Over 400g of solid Dark Vegan Friendly chocolate.

This is what dreams are made of!



Chocoholic VEGAN Dream Bar

An extraordinarily divine Chocoholic’s VEGAN Dream Bar, created exclusively for those who have a special desire for truly exquisite flavours.

Delicately handmade with deliciously smooth chocolate, delivering the most outstanding flavours to satisfy all your chocolate desires. Treat your friends or family to this fantastic gift or simply hide it away to enjoy piece by piece at home and enjoy the ultimate indulgence.

Chocoholic VEGAN Dream Bar

This massive, mouth-watering, delicious bar is suitable for all the chocoholics in the country. Need to add something on your wish list? Why not add a dream bar. Trust me you will be able to make everyone jealous of you and your bar. But keep it a secret where you got it from, or everyone will want one. If you tell someone, tell them to buy you as well. Dream of a massive chocolate bar together.

This fantastic marble chocolate bar measures: 155mm high, 100mm wide and approximately 425g in weight.

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