Chocolate Activity Pack

Nothing to watch on TV?

We have the Activity Pack to help you through !

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Chocolate Activity Pack

Not just for the children!

Are you stuck at home, you have checked your emails and social media and there are only repeats on TV – so what else is there to do ?

Just open up one of our  Activity Packs and get started. The time will fly past, and even the children can get involved.

Each of our Activity Packs contain seeds to plant and grow, a notepad for all those lists of things you are planning to do when this is all over, colouring book and sheets, blank cards and envelopes, (so why not send someone a message to cheer them up), a pencil, eraser, pack of colouring pencils, a pencil sharpener and several other bit to keep you entertained.

As well as some chocolate to nibble on while you enjoy yourself

For information about the chocolate used, click here

For information on how to care for your chocolates, click here