Chocolate Reward Kit for Vegans

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Lockdown Chocolate Reward Kit for Vegans

Are you being very good and keeping social distancing, then you deserve to treat yourself to one of our unique Lockdown Chocolate  Reward Kit for Vegans is probably just what you need. Distancing Reward Kit.  Just the thing to reach for when you need your next chocolate fix, but want good quality chocolate that is

Vegan Friendly*

Perfect for all your chocolatey needs, and its all handmade and packed using only quality dark chocolate with no added milk or animal products.

What do you get in one of our Vegan Chocolate Reward Kits?

We have put together a collection of our popular, traditional and new ‘vegan friendly’* dark chocolate items.  You will receive a selection of bars, buttons, and novelty items to share or hide away and keep all for yourself. Everything is handmade and available while stocks last so contents may vary.

This item will be dispatched by courier

Why not top up your order with a pack or two of our FREE FROM chocolate buttons, to share, or squirrel away in your own secret place

*Our vegan friendly chocolate is made and packed in an area where milk is used but we are very careful to keep this chocolate separate.

For information about the chocolate used, click here

For information on how to care for your chocolates, click here