Christmas Crackers

Pack of 6 Christmas Crackers filled with our famous workshop, Caramel Truffles



Christmas Crackers

Looking for Christmas Crackers? Well our Luxury crackers will bring a smile to everyone’s faces. These come in a pack of 6. Each individual cracker contains 2 of our workshop caramel truffles.

If you are not sure what our workshop truffles are then you are missing out! Our caramel truffles are to die for (not literally) as they have became so popular we make these in all of our chocolate workshops, which you have to consider joining us on at least one, we promise you will love it!

Each truffle is foiled wrapped in different colours, no two colours will be the same in any crackers.

But, in crackers you get a joke, we hear you question, well this is where it gets interesting, instead of jokes you will get a chocolate saying. We are sure you will love these sayings and think of them every time you eat a piece of chocolate.

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