Colombian 65% DARK Single Origin Bar

Our Colombian 65% Dark chocolate single origin bar.



Colombian 65% DARK Speciality Bar

Our gorgeous Colombian 65% DARK chocolate has been skilfully found in the deep valleys below the slopes of the Andes. There is also a variety of cacao grown which produces a very dark coloured chocolate with the sweet and distinctive taste of vanilla.

This fine piece of chocolate is full of rich fruity flavours. The flavours will stay within your mouth for a few minutes. Long after you have eaten a piece, even if the piece is tiny.

To really enjoy this chocolate, you need to take the time to appreciate it. DO NOT rush your first piece! Simply place just a small piece  of chocolate into your mouth. Let it melt on your tongue, onto your taste buds, this way you can enjoy the new flavours and experience that you may have never have had before.

After you first get hit by the taste of the strong dark chocolate. Simply let it mellow in your mouth, which you will then discover the distinctive taste of vanilla. This taste comes naturally from the bean which has been used. The flavour will linger for a while, after you have eaten just a simple tiny piece of this chocolate.

If you like your chocolate rich and dark then you will undoubtedly appreciate our exquisite Colombian 65% dark Single Origin bar of chocolate.

This chocolate comes from cocoa beans that have been ethically grown in Columbia which has been sweetened with cane sugar.

Average weight 95g per bar.

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