Groom & Groom Truffle Choc Pops

Groom & Groom Truffle Choc Pops come in a range of flavours, just let us know what flavours you would like! These are all made to order.




Groom & Groom Truffle Choc Pops!

We proudly present our Groom & Groom Truffle Choc Pops. We bring you a bespoke chocolate truffle converted into a real ‘Choc Pop’ individually handmade and decorated. Bite into it and you will find one of our most popular handmade truffles. Of course you get to pick your flavour. Each chocolate Groom is handmade and hand decorated so designs will vary slightly. Here at Artisan Chocolates by Saffire use only the best quality ingredients so each truffle taste amazing.

You can choose from our wide range of flavours to be the centre of your truffle choc pop. As you are aware we only use the best ingredients. If you go for an alcoholic centre, beware, they will give you a real ‘kick’ as the alcohol is the last thing we add. Never boil the alcohol off when it comes to our centres.

Here is a small range of our truffles that you could potentially choose from:

  • Marc De Champagne: made with the real thing!
  • Strawberry: made with freeze dried fruit and brings the taste of summer
  • Lambs Old Navy Rum Truffle: sounds traditional but this one is full of real flavour
  • Espresso Coffee: if you like your coffee dark and strong this is for you
  • Madagascan Vanilla: smooth, creamy & made with the best quality Madagascan Vanilla


Please note:  As each chocolate Groom ‘Choc Pop’ is individually handmade & decorated to order please allow 10 days for delivery.

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Additional information

Choc Pop Flavour - Groom

champagne, coffee, rum, strawberry, vanilla

Choc Pop Flavour - Groom 2

champagne, coffee, rum, strawberry, vanilla


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