Large Snowman

Move over Santa, it’s Frosty the Snowman time to shine!




Large Snowman

If a Chocolate Santa isn’t on your Christmas wish list this year, then I hope a Large Snowman made in chocolate is on it! This large snowman will remind you of Frosty! ‘Frosty the Snowman. Is a fairy tale they say. He was made of snow. But the children know. How he came to life one day.’ But instead of snow he was made out of chocolate.

How long does it last? 5 Minutes at the most! Technically these can last as long as you would like it to. Eat it or save it, they will last forever if it’s in the correct environment.

A cool place NOT in the fridge or by any form of heat, a cupboard would do great. Keep it sealed in the bag or in any other form of container away from anything that have a fragrance, the chocolate will absorb the fragrance.

Available in White, Milk or Dark Belgian Chocolate. Dark chocolate is great for anyone who is vegan or on a vegan diet

Minimum weight: 120g

Average height: 11cm.

As all of our products are all handmade, our product sizes and weights may vary slightly

For information about the chocolate used, click here

For information on how to care for your chocolates, click here

Additional information

Type of Chocolate

Dark, Milk, White


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