Luxury Hot Chocolate Selection

All your favourites in one selection

Total chocolaty self indulgence

ALL Milk – Everything that is milk chocolate; Hot Chocolate Shots, Flavoured, Big Bertha

Mixture – This will include a mixture of Milk, Dark and White Hot Chocolate Shots, Big Berthas




Luxury Hot Chocolate Selection

Did you know we were the original makers of the Hot Chocolate shots in Norfolk. Now everyone is doing then, but ours is the same size they have always been. Now we have upgraded from the hot chocolate shots and we now have introduced two new creations to our Luxury Hot Chocolate Selection.  Firstly, our small, but distinctive flavour range featuring Mocha and also Orange. And our latest creation is our Big Bertha Hot Chocolate Bomb with marshmallows in the middle, surrounded by layers of thick chocolate. (see below for more information)

Your Luxury Hot Chocolate Selection will contain

2 of our original Norfolk Hot Chocolate Shots

2 of our naturally flavoured shots

2 of our luxury Big Bertha Hot Chocolates

So what makes our Big Bertha Hot Chocolate Bomb so big:

The shell is made up of 2 halves, each half has 2 layers, we then fill these to the brim with marshmallows before putting the halves together, then each one is rolled twice with chocolate, which makes your drink very chocolatey. All you need to do if put your Big Bertha in a mug and pour hot milk or hot water over and watch the marshmallows float to the top. Perfect for gifts and all year round. Great for all ages. Even suitable to eat as it is. These also come with a bio-degradable spoon.


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