Madagascan 65% Dark-Milk Speciality Bar

Madagascan 65% Dark Milk Chocolate has a high percentage of cocoa and it should technically be called a Dark Chocolate, but it is cleverly made to be Dark Milk Chocolate.



Madagascan 65% Dark Milk Speciality Bar

The chocolate we use in our Madagascan 65% MILK Single Origin Bar has been grown and produced by the award winning “Chocolat” company in Madagascar.

This is a remarkable bar in more ways than one. This Single Origin chocolate is known as a “dark MILK” bar due to its high cocoa content, AND, it has less sugar than a bar of 80% dark chocolate. It tastes creamy, mellow and fruity, with hints of forest fruit and nutty flavours that lingers on the tongue.

To really enjoy luxury chocolates, it takes time to really appreciate it. DO NOT rush when eating a piece of chocolate. Firstly, place a small piece of the chocolate onto your tongue, so it can mellow with your taste buds. First off you will get a hit of strong dark chocolate, but as it melts the flavours will change. This is then followed by the slight floral taste which comes from the beans that are used. The taste and sensation will linger inside of your mouth for a while after eating.

The cocoa beans used in this chocolate have been ethically grown in Madagascar and sweetened with cane sugar.


Average weight 95g per bar.

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