Belgian Chocolate Buttons - Mixed

Delicious Mix of Belgian Chocolate Buttons, enough to share, but only if your want to !



Belgian Chocolate Buttons – Mixed

Due to popular demand you can now buy our amazing Belgian Chocolate Buttons in a mixed bag or box. Whether you are a cruncher or nibbler you will love these rich, creamy Belgian Chocolate buttons. But, if you really want to experience a multitude of chocolatey flavours, just put a button on your tongue and let it melt!

Within each bag or box you will have a mixture of our amazing creamy white Belgian Chocolate which has 30% cocoa (Yes it still has it’s Cocoa Butter so it is classified as chocolate.) This bag will also contain our smooth milk Belgian Chocolate which has >36% Cocoa solids. Or perhaps your favourite will be our rich dark Belgian Chocolate which contains 60% Cocoa solids, don’t worry it isn’t as bitter as you think! Give it a go, you will probably love it!

You can get your Belgian Chocolate Buttons in the following sizes

100g. 200g. 350g. 500g

Just to let you know, the boxes we use for our 200g and 350g buttons are eco-friendly and can be popped into your recycling bin.

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100 Grams, 200 Grams, 350 Grams, 500 Grams