Really Easy Choc Chip Cookies Kit

Yes – these Choc Chip Cookies really are VERY EASY to make with our step by step guide



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Really Easy Choc Chip Cookies Kit

Are you missing buying your favourite cookies

Don’t Worry – now you can make your own with our

We supply the chocolate* and flour etc and all you need to add is sugar, an egg and butter (or similar)

We send you the Really Easy Choc Chip Cookies Kit and the instructions to make about 25 cookies.

Too many to eat all at once, don’t worry, this mixture freezes!

And … you can make them with or without cocoa, or some of each – see our photo.

So what is stopping you? Buy your first kit now, and you may never spend money to buy shop made cookies again!

*We include really good quality small Belgian dark chocolate buttons

Why not treat yourself to

a tub of our Belgian Chocolate Buttons

to nibble while you are cooking!

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