Single Origin and Speciality Chocolate

Bar wt 85-100g




Single Origin Chocolate

Single Origin Chocolate make up only 5% of the world chocolate production. The other 95% of chocolate that you can buy is a blend from chocolate across the world. Like top quality wine that comes from a small village or plantation, this is high quality chocolate with rich, intense flavours. Our Single Origin Chocolate we have received, in small quantities, from all around the world – Columbia, Vietnam, Madagascar,  and even from the foothills of Machu Picchu in Peru and the tiny plantations in the Solomon Isle. Over the next few months we are seeking to expand our range of single origin chocolate from other countries who are fairly trading their top quality cocoa and chocolate.

The whole range of our Single Origin Chocolate is VEGAN FRIENDLY – with no added animal or milk products.

Also, our Vietnamese Single Origin Chocolate Bar does not contain Soy Lecithin

Why is Single Origin chocolate expensive?

It is expensive because the chocolate we use is fairly trade chocolate where the workers receive a fair wage for their work and, in addition, money is put back into their community for schools and hospitals.

What does percentages mean?

The percentage of the chocolate means how much cocoa is in the bar. For example our 85% Colombian is 85% Cocoa solids and the other 15% is natural sugar with just a smidgen of soy lecithin. All the flavours that are so rich and special is a result of the variety of cacao tree and  the climate .


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100% Madagascan DARK, 90% Nocturne DARK, 85% Colombian DARK, 75% Tanzanian DARK, 65% Colombian DARK, 65% Madagascan MILK, NO DAIRY CASHEW MILK, NO ADDED SUGAR DARK