Single Origin




Single Origin

Single Origin Chocolates make up 5% of the world chocolate population. The other 95% is blended chocolates like our Belgian Chocolate is a blend from chocolate across the world.

We have chocolates from all around the world! Peru, Vietname, Madagascar. Colombia.

Our Dark chocolate is VEGAN FRIENDLY as well as our amazing BRAND NEW Cashew milk; made with cashew milk instead of dairy milk. Contains Nuts.

Our white chocolate we offer is a 31% from Dominica which is higher percent cocoa which would be expected but still just as sweet.

Why is Single Origin chocolate expensive?

It is expensive because the chocolate we use fairly trade chocolate, this means we give the workers a fair trade pay as well as putting money back into their community for schools and hospitals, we help the workers as well as community to survive and last.

What does percentages mean?

The percentage of the chocolate means how much cocoa is in the bar. For example our 85% Colombian is 85% Cocoa solids and the other 15% is natural sugar and flavourings, this would have a slight cherry flavour to the bar. the 100% is fully blended and ground cocoa, no fats or dairy, Perfect for cooking0


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100% Madagascan DARK, 91% Nocturne DARK, 85% Colombian DARK, 75% Tanzanian DARK, 73% Vietnamese DARK, 72% Solomon Isles DARK, 65% Colombian DARK, 65% Machu Pichu DARK, 65% Madagascan MILK, 64% Madagascan DARK, 50% Madagascan MILK, VEGAN CASHEW MILK, 31% Dominican WHITE