Speciality Chocolate Bar

Bar wt 85-100g




Speciality Chocolate Bar

At Saffire we have a selection of Speciality Chocolate Bars to compliment our range of Single Origin Chocolate  Bars.

Our 91% speciality chocolate has been produced in France where they have blending quality chocolate from several countries to produce chocolate with just a hint of sweetness (9%) and a real punch of deep, strong flavours. This is a real ‘grown-up’ chocolate for the connoisseur.

100% Chocolate Bar

If you like your chocolate with no sugar at all, or you are keen to add just a crumb or two of high quality chocolate to your savoury dishes then our 100% speciality chocolate bar is the one to choose.

Cashew Nut ‘Milk’ Bar

In this range we also have our best selling Cashew Nut Milk Chocolate bar. The milky flavour and colour is from the cashew nuts that have been ground so fine that they form a milk. This speciality chocolate bar does not contain dairy products so it is suitable both for Vegans and those who are dairy intolerant, and yet, the bar has an amazingly creamy taste.

Dark-Milk Speciality Bars

Almost sounds like a contradiction. This speciality chocolate bar has the creaminess of milk chocolate balanced with the depth of flavour you would expect from a quality dark chocolate, and is far less sweet than traditional milk chocolate. Our 50% Dark-Milk bar, made with chocolate from Madagascar, is a good place to start to acclimatise your pallet to a richer and darker milk chocolate. Then you may like to progress to our bold, rich 65% dark-milk bar. It still has the creamy texture from the milk, but 15% less sugar and lots of punchy flavour.


What does percentages mean with Chocolate?

The percentage of the chocolate means how much cocoa is in the bar. For example our 91% French blended chocolate  is 91% Cocoa solids and the other 9% is natural sugar with just a smidgen of soy lecithin. All the flavours that are so rich and special is a result of the variety of cacao tree and  the climate . Our 50% dark-milk speciality chocolate bar is 50% dark chocolate and the other 50% is made up with both milk solids and sugar, again with a weeny bit of soy lecithin (less than 1%).


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100% Madagascan DARK, 91% Nocturne DARK, 85% Colombian DARK, 75% Tanzanian DARK, 73% Vietnamese DARK, 72% Solomon Isles DARK, 65% Colombian DARK, 65% Machu Pichu DARK, 65% Madagascan MILK, 64% Madagascan DARK, 50% Madagascan MILK, VEGAN CASHEW MILK, 31% Dominican WHITE