Table Decoration Kit

Have your very own Table Decoration for the middle of your table this Christmas!

Don’t worry, after you can eat it! Or save it for next year



Chocolate Table Decoration kit!

Want to make something to ‘WOW’ your guests this Christmas? Well, with our Chocolate Table Decoration Kit you can do exactly that!

Within the box that you will receive it has everything you will need. The base, which everything will be placed upon, parts of the tree, which you will of course get to put together and paint with chocolate. The presents for under the tree with a snowman who keeps a watchful eye on them.  However, I can tell you are guessing ‘how am I going to put all of this together?’ Well my good friend this is how. There is also a white chocolate log in the pack. This will be the chocolate ‘glue’ simply heat this log down until it has melted. Then simply put everything together.

It’s as easy as making a snowman.

Place the pieces anywhere you would like, this is your table decoration.

Just remember after Christmas you can sit down and indulge all of it!

As all of our products are all handmade, our product sizes and weights may vary slightly

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