Taste, Talk & Bars up to 10 People - CALL TO BOOK

Taste Talk Bar is the perfect afternoon if you want to learn more about chocolate and how to really appreciate it!



Taste Talk Bar

Our Taste Talk Bar activity is ideal for any group who loves chocolate and wants to find out more about this amazing food and make, to take home, their own flavoured chocolate bar. They will be help in our professional workshop where there will be plenty of samples to taste as well as being able to find out more about chocolate, its origins and, best of all, how to taste it so you get the most pleasure from your favourite chocolate.

  • Maximum group size is 10 people and the group cost is: £120.
  • This activity will last between 45 and 60 minutes.


Please note, we do not allow videoing or note taking during this activity.

Please contact us if you are interested in booking this activity. We are fairly flexible with dates and times, as long as it is within our working day and we do not have any other commitments. We are, however, strict about the maximum people in any one group.

For information about the chocolate used, click here

For information on how to care for your chocolates, click here

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