Vegan Dark Chocolate Buddha

Handmade Vegan Friendly Chocolate Buddha
How amazing is this – and it can be made for you to keep or give to someone special.



Vegan Dark Chocolate Buddha

Our Vegan Friendly Chocolate Buddha stand 130mm high and is made with love, care and a thick layer of luxurious dark Belgian chocolate. Our Dark chocolate does NOT contain milk.   This Buddha depicts Ho Tai, who is revered as the Happy Buddha. Who is known for bringing happiness and prosperity. We can not promise prosperity; but this chubby little vegan friendly Laughing Buddha will certainly bring your smiles when you give it as a present.

However, you may decide to keep it for yourself. Did you know that this Chocolate Buddha could be kept as a memento – just remember not to put it in the fridge or on a window sill, just keep it cool and away from a radiator and then it will give you years of pleasure.

How amazing is this, a Vegan Dark Chocolate Buddha

Our very own artisan chocolatiers make each of our chocolate novelties by hand and then finish each with a light dusting of edible (vegan-friendly) edible lustre to enhance the details before being bagged and bowed..   So, if you like this Buddha, you can order yours to be individually made, and be assured, we only use high quality, dark Belgian Chocolate that does NOT contain milk.


This Vegan Dark Chocolate Buddha is hollow and made to order so please allow 5 working days for dispatch.

Options Available: Milk or Dark or White Belgian Chocolate.

Height: 130mm

Ave Wt 200g

Please note: That novelty weights will vary as all products are handmade. With handmade hollow novelties it is impossible to gauge weight accurately.

For information about the chocolate used, click here

For information on how to care for your chocolates, click here

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Type of Chocolate

Dark, Milk, White


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