Vegan Friendly Cashew Milk Speciality Bar


Extra Special Vegan Friendly Bar
Amazingly Creamy Milk Flavoured Chocolate Bar
made with Cashew Nut and definitely no dairy products!
Hand wrapped in bio-degradable paper and string
Ave Wt 100g



Vegan Friendly Cashew Milk Chocolate Speciality  Bar

Our vegan friendly, cashew milk is an extra special kind of chocolate. Which is made for anyone who wants to restrict their dairy products in their diet. However, it also does wonders if you are lactose/dairy intolerant. But you do not like Dark chocolate. So this is a bar for you!

This vegan friendly milk chocolate gives this bar it’s very own mouth-watering chocolatey flavour. The rich Madagascan chocolate blend gives depth along with a rich lingering after-taste. This is an extra special vegan friendly bar. It DEFINITELY has no dairy products! This bar is also hand wrapped in a bio-degradable paper along with string.

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40% Fine Vegan Milk Chocolate Alternative with Cashew Nut Milk. Contains Madagascan Cacao with pure cocoa butter, cane sugar and CASHEW NUTS

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