Chocolate Buttons




Yummy Chocolate Buttons

Perhaps your favourite will be our rich dark Chocolate which contains almost 60% Cocoa solids, don’t worry it isn’t as bitter as you think! Or perhaps you are a fan of our Milk Chocolate which has >36% cocoa solids – give it a go, you will probably love it. Or maybe your secret pleasure is our amazingly creamy white  Chocolate which has 30% cocoa (Yes it still has it’s Cocoa Butter so it is classified as chocolate and does’t have any funny things added to artificially enhance the texture and flavour)

Yummy Chocolate Buttons in Dark Chocolate

Our Dark chocolate is VEGAN FRIENDLY which is also soya free, as it is made with a sunflower lecithin so no soya. All of our vegan chocolates (aka Dark, also Vegan Cashew Bars) are made in an area where milk products are handled.

Milk Chocolate Buttons

These chocolate buttons are amazing! They are not sickly, and you will eat an entire bag at once, unless you are really good and able to limit yourself!

White Chocolate Buttons

These are creamy and sweet, BUT not too sweet as most white chocolate is. Our white chocolate still has all the cocoa butter in, which makes it have a creamy texture while you enjoy it

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