Chocolate Pizza Making!

Chocolate Pizza Making! During 2018, our chocolate pizza making became very popular, to a point we had over 15 people making their very own creations at a single time, to the point we had to ask people if they could come back later. We only do these during school holidays when we know children will […]

Have you tried our delicious handmade chocolates?

Have you tried our delicious handmade chocolates? Well, have you tried our delicious handmade chocolates? If you haven’t then read on to find out why people are saying really good things about our chocolates. There aren’t many people who don’t enjoy chocolate and whether you’re looking for that perfect gift or a well-deserved treat for […]

Single Origin Chocolate – Why is it Special?

Chocolate, like wine, can come in a range of qualities and flavours. At one end you have the cheapest wines (aka “plonk”) that has no distinct providence and can easily be compared with cheap chocolate that is known by the name of the company producing it rather than where it comes from. At the other end […]

Why is Belgian Chocolate more expensive than Cadbury or Nestle?

The easiest was to find out is for you to do a TASTE TEST You will need two pieces of chocolate, one of either Cadbury or Nestle milk chocolate and the other, a piece of Belgian milk chocolate. It doesn’t have to be a big piece – about the size of a 20p piece will […]